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Law Enforcement Judgmental Training Solutions (F.A.T.S.)
F.A.T.S. Rental Pricing

$1000 - 1 Day Rental* (Includes an Operator to run the machine while you train for 8-9 hrs)

              *Must be located within 5 hrs of Warsaw, IN or be willing to schedule around the same time as another agency
               in your area. 
$1600 - 2 Day Rental**
$2200 - 3 Day Rental**
$2800 - 4 Day Rental**
$3200 - 5 Day Rental**
               **FATS will be delivered and set up....then we will train your instructor on the proper use and operation
                  of the system before leaving you to train at your convenience.  Technical Support is available 24/7
                  should the need arise.  At the end of the rental period we will return to tear down and pick up the system.
Room Requirements:  Minimum of 14' Wide by 24' Long with no windows or must be capable of being blacked out. Must be able to regulate lighting and prefer a climate controlled environment for the hi-tech electronics. 

Firearm Training Prices:

Basic Pistol Class: (8 hr Class) - Private or Group Settings
     $125 per Person using your firearm and ammo
     $155 per Person using our firearms and ammo
We have a variety of handguns for everyone to try out even if you bring your own gun.  At the end of the day we want you to have developed definite opinions on what features you like or don't like when choosing a firearm that you will enjoy shooting and be comfortable carrying.

Advanced Shooting Class: (4 hr Class) - Must bring concealed carry pistol, holster, and 300 rds of ammo. 
Must already have taken the Basic Pistol Course and must be experienced in the safe handling of your firearm.
     $125 per Person
     $35/hr for private instruction

Utah 37 State CCW Permit Class: (4 hr Class) - Must be 21 and have your home state permit (or be able to obtain it within 1 year of taking this course)
     $100 per Person

We offer many of these classes to private groups who would like us to come to their location. 

Please feel free to contact us for your group's private training session. 

Travel fees may apply depending on distance.

    "An Armed Society is a Peaceful Society"........

    "The reason I carry a gun, is when seconds count, the cops are still minutes away." 


    Phone: 574-849-6858

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