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Law Enforcement Judgmental Training Solutions (F.A.T.S.)
Training that Reduces Civil Liability

Wireless Firearms Training Simulator Rentals

Realistic Firearm & Taser Judgmental Training

Simulated using an interactive video format that allows officers to use actual firearms and tasers with Wireless Bluetooth Capabilities

(No Tethers)

You schedule the training time, we come to you and set up the F.A.T.S. system, instruct your training officer on the use of the system, then pick up the system upon completion of training....saving you thousands of dollars...while allowing you to train on the newest, most advanced system on the market.




Glock Pistol

Sig Sauer Pistol

M4 Rifle, Taser


Pepper Spray

Bluefire firearm simulators use state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology to communicate with the system and provide real time training diagnostics and tools that provide instructors the most information, while providing the student with the most realistic wireless training experience, including magazine reload, recoil, and number of rounds in magazine.

Instructor can view:  point of aim, weapon status, trigger pressure, and cant.

Training to Make a Difference and Save Lives
Most of us would be content to complete a 30-year
career without ever firing a shot.  But, if a life and
death situation presents itself, we want to be well
prepared.  Police officers need to be more than just
good shots on the range.  We need to make sound
decisions quickly and we need to unite our
decisions with the physicality of firing on a threat.
FATS offers the next best thing in place of actually
being there.  FATS is an outstanding realistic training
aid that supplements standard live fire range training.

    "An Armed Society is a Peaceful Society"........

    "The reason I carry a gun, is when seconds count, the cops are still minutes away." 


    Phone: 574-849-6858

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