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Law Enforcement Judgmental Training Solutions (F.A.T.S.)
 Civilian F.A.T.S. Training 

Our Firearm Training Simulator Teaches Situational Judgment and Core Marksmanship using an interactive video format utilizing actual firearms with Wireless Bluetooth Capabilities and real time training diagnostics, while providing the students with the most realistic wireless training experience.  Including, magazine reloads, jam exercises and recoil.

Our training scenarios cover a wide range of

subject material including:

Use of Force  *  Emotionally Disturbed Persons 

School & Workplace Violence  *  Hospital & Campus Violence

Corporate Security  *  Neighborhood Disturbances

Witness Recognition  *  At Home Invasion

Marksman Drills/Competition

Most of the scenario’s contain multiple endings choices that the instructor can choose from, as the scenario plays out, depending on student’s reaction and training parameters.  Scenarios are not dependent on Firearm usage and can be used for businesses who do not allow firearm carry.


Most of us would Be content to never face violence at work, school, church, home or out in public.   However, that reality is not left up to us, but is the choice of those who decide to commit violence around us. If an act of violence happens at your work, school, church, home, or in a public place, are you prepared to stop, intervene or be a witness to such violence?  If an act of violence occurs in your presence, we want you to be well prepared. You need to be more than just a good shot on the range. We need to make sound decisions quickly and we need to unite our decisions with the reality of firing on a threat.

    "An Armed Society is a Peaceful Society"........

    "The reason I carry a gun, is when seconds count, the cops are still minutes away." 


    Phone: 574-849-6858

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